Celestial Serpent


                                                                             is an Entertainer, Musician, Artist, 

                                                                             Lecturer, Film maker, producer 

                                                                             metaphysician and poly math                                                                                        involved in many diverse projects.  

                                                                             Celestial Serpent was born and                                                                                      raised in Wellington, New Zealand                                                                                but currently lives and travels all

                                                                             around the world performing Live 

                                                                             music, workshops and lectures, 

                                                                             producing and screening films,

                                                                             Researching, painting and                                                                                               liaising with communities and 

                                                                             grass roots organisations on behalf

                                                                             of Live on Love Foundation.                                                                                           Celestial Serpent considers both art, film and music (when used correctly) to be great tools of education, inspiration and communication, holding the potential to compress massive amounts of information into palatable yet easily digestible packages. Celestial Serpent thinks of his work as a method of sharing rare and sacred information in hope of helping others to discover alternative ways of living. Becoming more sustainable, symbiotic and spiritually in tuned with one another. He  is very open to collaboration, always keen to work with good hearted people/organisations. Celestial is involved in a large number of charitable, social and community projects and is well known for offering his services free of charge for a good cause. Much Love.

Celestial music

Celestial serpent is a solo artist and the front man for the "Celestial Serpent Band"as well as a member of many bands and groups including: the NZ conscious hip hop crew 'Marz children'; The Australian hop hop group "Substance" and most well known for his role in the Australian funk/reggae/rock/hip hop group 'Wandering Eyes'. He is passionate about uncovering and sharing the sacred knowledge of our ancient ancestors.  Celestial serpent considers himself a messenger, Using his musical gift as a tool of teaching the esoteric wisdom that will assist humanity to operate at a higher frequency.  His poetry consists of a mixture of spiritual and political content discusing topics of supressed technology, diet, alternative medicine, health, mystism, spiritual assention, everyday living, systmatic coruption, capitalism, black magic, theosophy, astrotheology and everything that he considers to be of great importance in this time of great metaphysical change.  Much love



In Celestial serpents musical career he has played at a number of New Zealand and Australias finest venues and festivals. Including Venues like The Vangaurd (sydney) the northern (byron bay) the beach hotel (Byron Bay) the HIFI (Brisbane) sanfransisco bath house (wellington) and festivals including kuranda roots, Island Vibe, Earth frequency, wallaby creek, mission evolve, Nimbin roots, living earth, collaborations, not to mention Bluesfest and splendor in the grass two of Australias largest festivals. In 2019 celestial serpent will be touring Europe and America, spreading the message of Love ad unity throughout the northern hemisphere. 

After spending the 5 last year recording and playing with a variety of bands an artists from America to New Zealand and Australia, Celestial  Has put together a Full length 12 track ALBUM with 2 Bonus tracks from other published Albums.  "Every day miracle" provides hip hop lovers with a balanced mix of  deeply conscious lyricism and funky fresh boom bap beats.  Working in collaboration with world class international producers and musicians. 

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Wandering Eyes

Marz Children

Marz children represent the deeply conscious NZ Hip Hop scene. With a fresh mix of political, and spiritual lyricism laced over the rawest boom bap beats. Marz Children rap with reason and realness, paying homage to the originators of the hip hop culture and trying tho keep its diplomatic and cultural purpose alive. Marz children are comprised primarily of 3 revolutionary Poets including Celestial serpent, Walks Clarity and seventh saint. with key rhymers currently pursuing separate ventures, Marz Children are currently on hiatus from all live performance. but will be re uniting at some stage in the near future.

Celestial serpent band

The Celestial serpent band bring together live and electronic genres of music. Offering deeply political, spiritual and intellectual lyrics with a range of ancient language from all over the globe including Bundjalung (Australia) Maori (New zealand) and Mdw Ntr (Africa). The Celestial Serpent Band can be defined as live hip hop, rock, reggae, ska, dnb, dub step with elements of tribal and electronic influence. Prepare yourself for an amazingly full three piece band that incorporate a high level of multi instrumentalism and on stage charisma.  


Celestial Serpent ART

Celestial Serpents art is all about trying to visually capture the essence of deeply spiritual concepts. He is very interested in sacred symbols and there esoteric use with in ceremonial and spiritual traditions. He claims that for thousands perhaps even millions of years man has used symbols as a means of more deeply understanding the interconnected nature of consciousness. Symbolism is a language of its own that has been used throughout the mystery schools and religious institutions of the world to communicate with ones subconscious mind for better or worse. Through years of research and experimentation Celestial has come to understand the immense metaphysical power of certain symbols and images. He uses this knowledge of symbolism, ancient mathematics, metaphysics and sacred geometry to create mandalas and artworks that are encoded with good intentions, sacred knowledge and powerful information.

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Lectures &



Celestial Serpent has tailored a series of workshops, courses and lectures based on a polymath approach to learning and thinking as a whole. He has now founded the Live on Love foundation which comprises of many branches one of them being the polymath institute of education offering a broad range of courses on site at the Live on Love community and in schools and homes across the world. Here you can find more information about this body of education.

Celestial Serpents film experience includes directing, producing, editing, animation, camera operation, acting, scriptwriting, lighting and audio. He has worked primarily on comedies, documentaries and music videos. Releasing his first full length documentary in 2015 focusing on elements of alternative trade, metaphysics and and adventure travel. 

Now Celestial Serpent in conjunction with Live on Love productions has set his aim on producing two documentaries that will assist in sharing information vital to personal and global transformation. these two documentaries are called "Being Whole" and "Seeds of change" These are the trailers please note that Live on Love foundation is a charitable platform for independent film makers such as celestial serpent. With their help and your donations many conscious films can be created. 

More of Celestial Serpents lectures and workshop based services can be found on the  

Services page or at Liveonlove.org

Celestial Serpent founded Live On Love Foundation in 2016.

In 2018 the polymath Institute of Education was established at the first Live on Love community situated near Byron bay and the gold coast, Australia. They are now offer courses world wide as well as onsite. including project such as "Messages through music" and "Fun with film" these are just some of the exciting new projects. more available at LiveOnLove.Org


Messages through music