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Here's a whole bunch of Celestial Serpents older music ENJOY! and Share around the knowledge. Much Love






Celestial Serpent - Metaphysical Matrix

  feat. DR Phil Valintine (Un released)

Celestial Serpent - Change our ways


Celestial Serpent - Astrotheology

feat. Santos Bonacci (un released)


Celestial Serpent - Land of the lost

off the Sacred Art EP BUY Here


Celestial Serpent & Trillion feat Emerald Macgill & Rob Thorne BUY HERE

Alyssa Marie & Celestial Serpent - spiral of change (Un released)

Celestial Serpent - mcs act like they dont know (DJ premeir beat) 

Celestial Serpent - Spirit of the Samurai

off the Sacred Art BUY HERE