Celestial Serpent offers a series of services and workshops, 

Working in Collaboration with Live On Love to provide a number of Educational Polymath programs. 

Polymath Education brings together a number of state of the art learning methods designed to create lessons

that are fun and educational.

it has been scientifically proven to improve student’s memory through the stimulation and re routing of the brains neurological pathways. What’s most effective about Polymath education is its diverse application. Offering teachers and methodical practitioners the capability to find and target a students passions and skills, centring the lesson around each student strengths and interests.

Messages through music is a mentor ship program that allows both underprivileged youth and music enthusiasts the opportunity to collaborate with professional musician. Cultivating confidence, knowledge and skills in areas such as teamwork, mathematics, physics and communication. As well as obtaining skills in audio production and song writing, students will not only learn about creative royalties and there application, but receive an equal share of song royalty's generated through their project.


Fun with film is a project that teaches film related skills in a practical and easy manner. Our Courses will turn your child's creative ideas into high quality film productions that can be shared online and preserved as memories. Fun with film covers a broad range of skills from script writing,acting and story boarding to camera operation, editing, audio, prop building and set building. Help your Child to gain valuable skills and explore there creative process for a reasonable price.

More at Liveonlove.org



HeArt Expression is a course suitable for people of all ages. Celestial Serpent takes this Work/playshop to schools, Festivals and private/public venues. It can Be run as a one on one course, a family course or a group course.To inquire about BOOKING the skills and services of celestial Serpent click here BOOK NOW 





Helping with peoples comfortabily levels around expression, self confidence and musical abilitys.Their worshops even offer a platform for those who want to be incouraged to try. We also offer oppertunitys to get up on stage as part of festival performances.




Hip Hop Cypher

Bringing back the Original hiphop culture with Celestial Serpent and his musical friends.These unique workshops combine elemnts of hip hop freestyle, percussive rap, Mem- ory and word assosiation, body precussion, Beat boxing, Break dancing, and harmonic sound healing. They are ideal for festivals helping people of all ages to get in touch with their musical and expressive side.​


Theis workshops is light and playful, introducing people to the art of freestyle jamming, Cypher, song writing, performing, hip hop culture and utilaizing the bodys intrumental capabilitys.



A Series of Lectures ranging from 1-6 hours









Join Artist, Musician, Filmmaker and Metaphysician Celestial Serpent on a wild and whacky adventure across NSW and QLD Australia. In this spontaneous Social experiment Celestial serpent will spend 70 days traveling with absolutely no money. Yes! you heard correctly, During this this 10 week period he will not Touch, Earn or spend Money using his Debut EP “Sacred Art” as a primary means of currency. On this unscripted Adventure entertainer Celestial serpent will be Traveling Via hitchhiking and using Trade, ingenuity and manifestation to Live and survive. While on the road Celestial serpent utilises his knowledge of Manifestation, Mind power and metaphysics to steer the journey in a positive direction. Join Him as he takes this leap of faith and lets go of his Fears, Trusting and surrendering to the unknown.To inquire about BOOKING the skills and services of celestial Serpent click here BOOK NOW